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Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech Systems are featured in nearly 3,000 organizations nationwide. This impressive track record lends credibility and more importantly assurance to our client that we are providing them with the best dictation and transcription software available. Dictaphone’s unique features such as system scalability and flexibility allow us to deliver tailored on-site services to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

Additional features that the Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System boasts are the telephony and dictation stations, the real-time speech recognition, and the mobile dictation ability.

Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System ensures that our client’s dictation process will operate with minimal interruption, while noticeably increasing turnaround times and savings.

Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System
  • Offers speed, flexibility, and accuracy unparalleled by other dictation systems.
  • Speech recognition technology reduces transcription turnaround time and provides significant cost reductions.
  • Allows physicians to conveniently dictate at any time from any place, using a voice recorder, computer, Smartphone, tablet, or telephone via our toll-free dictation number.


  • Allows users to create reports in real time and distribute them as needed via encrypted e-mail, print, or secure web storage.
  • Strict CQI and control standards ensure 98% or better accuracy.
  • 100% of all documents are reviewed and certified by a transcriptionist.