Timely and accurate medical coding is key in the day-to-day financial operations of any healthcare facility.

IntelliType’s top priority is to maximize efficiency while decreasing costs. We code for all healthcare specialties while meeting all major medical insurance standards. We provide integrated coding services via virtual private network (VPN) connectivity to seamlessly integrate our remote coders with your department. VPN access allows us to provide you a scalable workforce capable of managing all levels of workflow and guaranteeing productivity. By either outsourcing your coding completely or a portion of it, IntelliType promises to save you time and money.

Will you be prepared for the monumental medical coding transition?

Our extensive knowledge and experience with ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding standards will help seamlessly transition your facility to the new global standard. Our overseas coders who have already been working with ICD-10 will help train and familiarize your facility’s staff with ICD-10 procedures. In addition, our streamlined coding process and customized interface integration, in conjunction with our knowledgeable coders, will further reduce costs, while ensuring quality results. Our unique global perspective will adequately prepare your facility for the transition to ICD-10 and give you the advantage when the time comes.

  • Operational Efficiency: IntelliType’s VPN access allows for direct communication between our servers and your network. By utilizing your in-house coding software, we have the necessary access to all pertinent information to properly code and abstract. This approach decreases cost, increases accessibility, reduces claim denials and expedites reimbursements resulting in streamlined healthcare operations. More importantly, our bill-by-case model ensures a higher rate of productivity guaranteeing that your hospital only pays for each specific case coded. In addition, our Clinical Documentation Specialists are constantly looking for opportunities to improve documentation, resulting in higher reimbursements.
  • Preparing for the Future: Our proficiency in ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding standards and HIPAA compliant security measures ensure your facility’s seamless transition to the new global standard.

  • Standardization: Medicine is not an exact science, but coding is. IntelliType’s standardized approach to coding guarantees accurate coding for all healthcare specialties widely accepted by all major medical insurances. Strict adherence to Medicare regulations ensures that IntelliType coders provide a reliable, dependable, and efficient service.
  • Quality Service: IntelliType expects the best in our coders. We require at least a five-year minimum of coding experience. Coders with fewer than 10 years of experience must also have AHIMA certification. In addition, every coder is required to be well versed in Medicare guidelines and regulations. Our dedicated staffing protocol guarantees the quality of our work, provides assistance with RAC audits and saves you from the financial burden of handling the transition to ICD-10 on your own. With our large supply of experienced coders, IntelliType can help you handle the smallest workloads to the largest backlogs, ensuring smooth operations the entire way.

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