• Our Technology

    By offering the latest in Health Information Management technology we can ensure the continued success of our clients.
  • Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System

    Utilizing Dictaphone's Enterprise Express Speech System we can assure our clients the highest quality dictation possible.
  • HL7 Interface Expertise

    Seamless integration between our clients systems and our servers via VPN creates a stable and efficient workflow.
  • Secure Data Storage and Transfer

    We believe secure storage and transfer is key to maintaining any streamlined healthcare operation.

Why IntelliType

Finding a reliable solutions partner to handle your clinical documentations needs can be difficult. There are many factors to consider—accuracy, cost, turnaround time, client service, technology and dependability. As a healthcare information professional, you understand the operational needs of your medical facility, and you know that documentation plays a critical role.

Industry-leading Systems, Solutions and Support

Our solutions will save your organization money and improve workflow. We invite you to evaluate what we have to offer and encourage you to make the “Intelligent Choice”.