Experience and Expertise

The Intelligent Choice

Over the past 20 years, IntelliType has gained extensive knowledge by working alongside some of the leading healthcare organizations and industry specialists. As a healthcare information professional, you understand the operational needs of your medical facility, and know that dictation, transcription, and coding play critical roles. Finding a reliable partner to handle these services can be difficult and many factors must be considered.

We understand the unique needs of HIM professionals. Accuracy and turnaround time are critical. A dependable clinical documentation process will help your facility function properly. We’ve spent the past two decades implementing systems designed to ensure technical perfection, rapid turnaround, and affordability.

At IntelliType, we offer industry-leading systems, support, and service. Our turnkey solutions will save your organization money and improve workflow. We invite you to evaluate what we have to offer and encourage you to make “The Intelligent Choice”.

The Benefits of Choosing IntelliType
  • 20 years of experience providing guaranteed quality, accuracy and savings
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • 24-hour live customer support
  • Highly trained transcription and coding staff with minimum 5 years of experience
  • Advanced Dictaphone dictation, transcription and speech recognition technology


  • Simple, powerful tools preferred by physicians
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant systems
  • HL7 interfacing expertise
  • Transparent, detailed billing and reporting
  • Turnkey solutions with zero investment required